FFD360N03E Refrigerator

Design Point

  • Freezing Chamber
  • Self-locking Lead Rail
  • Folded Shelf
  • Interior LED light
  • Water Lock
  • Green design
  • Safety Alarm


  • Total No Frost
  • Multi-flow
  • Centrifugal Fan
  • Electronic Touch Control
  • FC Compressor
  • Function
  • Specification
  • Download

Total No Frost

The frost free system makes the refrigerator hassle-free and easy to use. Also this system can provide rapid, fan-assisted cooling environment. Cooling air can circulate actively, realize fast freezing and fast cooling, support longer freshness storage of food.


Using multi-flow cooling system can directly distribute cooling air to each shelf or drawer, prevent storage from obstructing cooling air. So it can ensure a more average temperature in the refrigerator and support a faster cooling environment for each corner.

Centrifugal Fan

Compared to the normal fan, centrifugal fan creates higher wind pressure and makes the air circulation more thoroughly, which helps the cold air be distributed more evenly, thus ensuring a better cooling performance.

Electronic Touch Control

The touch control electronic system shown on LED display allows easy access to refrigerator controls and the digital set of temperature ensures optimum control of your storage. Touch control electronic system also can support user functions. Changhong smart solutions will help you improve your everyday life.

FC Compressor

Frequency conversion compressor ensure more cooling efficient, and cost less energy consumption. This can also Keep temperature more stable, support fast cooling and fast freezing ability.

Freezing Chamber

Full width drawers can be slide out completely, which help to keep big items.

Self-locking Lead Rail

Lead rail makes the drawers self locking to help preventing cool air leakage.

Folded Shelf

Folded shelf makes the space height greatly, this helps to keep tall items. Also, thanks to the width, the shelf can stored wide items easily.

Interior LED light

Interior LED lamp allows a clear view of your storage. LED light requires less energy consumption and support a longer using age.

Water Lock

With 3 grade water lock holes, users can control moisture in crisper according to different storage. This design can guarantee the greenness and taste of vegetables perfectly.

Green design

With green-thinking at the very beginning of design to be recyclable. The product support the environment friendly. Changhong using core technology for energy saving solutions, highly committed to reducing our carbon footprint.

Safety Alarm

Automatic alarm will remind users when the door opening over 3 minutes, which prevent the harm from forgetting to close doors.