The 121th Canton Fair

On April 15, 2017, the 121th Canton Fair officially began. Changhong 8K TV, Curved TV, OLED TV, Laser TV and CHiQ products are all displayed in this exhibition. Changhong current product lines and products show that Changhong has well prepared for the upcoming tide of Curved TV and OLED TV.

Smart Home

In this Canton Fair, Changhong has shown its ability on innovation of IoT and product applications. In the technical aspect, Changhong launched a full set of intelligent services of intelligent home security, intelligent health and intelligent services.

New Technology:

This time, Changhong also displayed CHiQ Artificial Intelligence TV Q5N and Q5A (OLED TV) series products. Q5N and Q5A series products are equipped the world's first AI Center -- TV-centric artificial intelligence platform.

CHiQ artificial intelligence TV, equipped with AI Center, can not only comprehend the users’ instructions, but also quickly instruct all kinds of smart home appliances at home to complete the users’ command, and present series of processes on the TV screen.

65ZHQ3R has not only good quality, but also good sound quality. Because 65ZHQ3R is an 8K and all-in-one speaker TV. 

Home Cinema:

Changhong have also displayed digital signage products and 100-inch laser projection.

The Canton Fair will be hold for 5 days, 15-19 in April. It is expected to receive a total of 200,000 overseas buyers from five continents.