Changhong Act Frequently During the CES 2017

On January 5th, United States, Las Vegas is very lively and extraordinary, because the annual home appliance industry event - the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition is in full swing. The global major appliance brands gathered to show their own artificial intelligence, networking, virtual reality, augmented reality technology innovation. Changhong is one of them.

In the central hall of nearly 900m2 booth, Changhong with "artificial intelligence and networking" as the theme, show its latest artificial intelligence, brain wave control, face recognition technology and a full set of intelligent solutions of community-based intelligent home. And Changhong also show the full range of black and white, commercial display new products. 

The newly released TV 65Q3T has been equipped the world's first domestic A73 CPU 64-bit TV main chip which is Changhong and Hass jointly developed. A new dual core Cortex A73 with CPU and flagship GPU can decode the highest 60 frames H.265 format 4K video. System performance of Dual core A73 is 60% more than that of the traditional quad core A53, so that TV picture can be much smoother.

Changhong has been put its most artificial intelligence technology, security systems, intelligent services, energy management, CHiQ series of high-end television, air conditioner, refrigerators and other end products into the real community and family environment through the open networking platform, to give the public a new "product + service" experience. Not only between Changhong’s intelligent terminals, but also between different brands of intelligent terminal equipment can achieve interoperability, mutual control and coordination. In Changhong partner display area, there are many cooperation technology and products from the United States, Israel and other countries well-known enterprises for display and experience, a large number of visitors stop to experience the future life.

During the exhibition, Changhong Artificial Intelligence Q5N series TV won the "Best Smart TV of the Year" award by the Organizing Committee of CES, and Changhong CHiQ private villa theater was awarded the global best luxury light laser theater award. It is reported that Changhong will also be in the exhibition the next day (on January 6th) morning, to release the world's first molecular recognition phone.

In addition to adjust product structure, Changhong has also done a lot of work in human resource efficiency, capital efficiency and inventory efficiency. Through management reform, management reform and resource allocation reform, Changhong greatly mobilized the vitality of the enterprise. That’s the direct driving force Changhong improved the operating conditions in 2016. The first three quarters in 2016, Changhong Holding Company maintained an upward trend, achieved industrial output value of 10.21 billion dollars, an increase of 6.21%, the industrial added value of 2.18 billion dollars, an increase of 6.70%. Moreover, with our national “The Belt and Road” strategy, Changhong has constantly accelerated the development of overseas market relying on its own global resources.

Last year, Changhong formally established China's first European R & D center for home appliances in the Czech Republic, to further strengthen its Global R & D capability and talents construction, and increase overseas investment in its own brand business. In 2016, Changhong overseas brand sales grew steadily. Refrigerators, air conditioners, set-top boxes were up 20%, 26%, 56% and the year-on-year growth of production and marketing of Barcelona Huayi Company was 15% and 22%.