Changhong: The 120th Canton Fair

On October 15, the 120th China Import and Export Fair (referred to as the "Canton Fair") is being held in Guangzhou. Since its inception in the spring of 1957, it has never stopped. The 60th anniversary of the Canton Fair this year, is a very important moment. The CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce and the Canton Fair Organizing Committee and other departments attach great importance to the exhibition, and the exhibitors at home and abroad are quite impressive. Official statistics show that domestic and foreign exhibitors is up to 24,500 and the number of buyers is up to 200,000.

Changhong, as China's largest and oldest home appliance brand, is not only a frequent visitor to the Canton Fair, but also for nearly 18 years of VIP exhibitors. Central leaders at all levels have visited Changhong booth several times, given great expectations and spoke highly of the Changhong development.

In this Canton Fair, Changhong has shown its ability on innovation of IoT and product applications. Intelligent implementation of the strategy for three years, Changhong had a rapid advance on intelligent terminal home appliances, intelligent manufacturing, sales and O2O service transformation, global integration of research and development based on the cloud platform and large data, establishment of an open global IoT data operation platform, users operations and the establishment of intelligent ecosystem. Changhong had formed a unique competitive in intelligence era.

In the technical aspects, Changhong launched a full set of intelligent services of intelligent home security, intelligent health and intelligent services.

In the terminal products aspects, Changhong introduced a new CHiQ smart TV, CHiQ smart temperature control refrigerator, CHiQ smart APP air conditioner and other smart appliances, leading innovative trend of home appliances. Changhong CHiQ second generation of "smart temperature control" refrigerator was awarded the annual best internet innovation intelligent refrigerator by the IFA Organizing Committee in September IFA exhibition.

In recent years, Changhong has coped with the grim situation of international trade through a series of measures. First of all, Changhong increased R & D investment overseas and innovation. 2016 Changhong set up R & D center in Czech Republic, focusing on research and development of high-end smart home appliances and last June Changhong released high-end smart TV in Europe. Second, Changhong had improved overseas investment layout, seeked mergers and acquisitions and strategic cooperation, promoted and strengthened the European white brand merger and the Czech industrial factory construction; strengthened overseas independent brand promotion, strategic investment in the construction of brand globalization development; strengthened overseas investment and financing platform construction, reduced exchange rate risk. Finally, Changhong strengthened overseas base construction, and constantly improved the management level of overseas subsidiaries, and promoted the healthy development of the overseas subsidiaries. From January to July, 2016, Changhong brand sales increased by 29% and Changhong brand sales in Europe significantly increased by 175%.

100-inch laser projection and other products appeared in the exhibition received extensive attention by overseas customers and professional persons. The Canton Fair will be hold for 5 days, 15-19 in October. It is expected to receive a total of 200,000 overseas buyers from five continents.