Changhong Firstly Released the UMAX Theater System

On March 28, 2016, Changhong UMAX theater system firstly debuted at Changhong TV new spring 2016 release site in Beijing CBD Wanda IMAX Theater. Changhong UMAX theater system contains three main cores - sound quality improvement, convenient voice interaction and rich video area.

From now on, UMAX theater system will first be carried on Changhong CHiQ Q3 series TV. And the system will soon become CHiQ TV standard configuration. Zihuan Su, General Manager of Changhong multimedia industry company, chiefly introduced latest HDR technology products - Q3T and E9600 series to participants. And the third generation OLED TV - 55 inches and 65 inches Q3A TV were also be displayed.

Shocking picture: HDR+DTS

Back in January 2016 CES show in the United States, Changhong HDR+ TV has been widely concerned by the industry. And HDR high dynamic display technology has been becoming the main display technology for mainstream TV companies in 2016. The latest released Changhong CHiQ Q3T TV reflects the HDR display technology perfectly and achieves the perfect combination between HDR and DTS decoding sound system. Changhong UMAX theater system contains a special HDR video area. UMAX viewing experience compare favorably with IMAX’s

Breakthrough interaction: CHiQ voice control

Changhong is the first company to develop and apply artificial intelligence voice interaction. Voice commands response time to new Q3T TV has been shorten to millisecond grade and voice recognition accuracy is above 98%.
At the conference, besides Q3T, Changhong also released G3 series product which is equipped with 4-core A53 high-end 4K chip, glasses-free 3D display, new OLED Q3A series product, as well as curved TV E9600, of which 43 inches curved TV is the first model in the industry.

Now, Changhong has a comprehensive layout from hardware to software, involving LED TV, OLED TV, laser display, commercial display, etc., and Changhong has been followed up the AR / VR technology.
After years of accumulation, Changhong has been constantly innovating display technology. From the view of current product lineup and technical standard, Changhong has already become a veritable television display technology expert.