AWE2016: Changhong CHiQ create a new standard for smart TV

On March 9, 2016 China's home appliance and consumer electronics fair (AWE2016) opened in Shanghai. Changhong CHiQ series – 98 inch large screen TV, OLED TV, glasses-free 3D TV, curved and ultra-thin laser theater TV had been fully displayed.

Currently Changhong ChiQ series TV is one of Changhong main products. CHiQ TV has a simple style, seeks curved, thin and light performance, ultra-high performance and large capacity. CHiQ TV is very in line with the natural aesthetic tendency of modern urban people and also fully satisfies consumers’ demand of “beautiful appearance andeasy to use”. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that intelligence level of Changhong CHiQ TV is quite high. CHiQ TVs’ 75Q2T, glasses-free 3D TV and Laser Theater TV have showed the theme slogan "play synchronously, play speedily, and play custom-made". This is the perfect interpretation of Changhong ultra-high performance TV.

The coolest TV of exhibition site - CHiQ glasses-free 3D TV, which is unique in 3D display technology upgrade. It not only shows the high display brightness and color levels, but also brings stereoscopic watching effect.

In the current AWE exhibition, Changhong not only showed technological progress, but also proved powerful strength in the field of black household electric appliances.