IFA 2015: Comprehensive implementation of intelligence strategy,Changhong make acquaintance by tea

It is such a delight of Changhong to have friends coming from a far. 

At 4st September, 2015, IFA Consumer Electronics Fair is coming annually. Changhong’s opening ceremony at IFA 2015 is a roomful of distinguished visitors, bustling and boisterous. It’s an extraordinary honor that Changhong’s “OTO Intelligent Community Project” has won “Best intelligent Solution Award”. This award is under the establishment of IFA organizing committee, and it is conferred by celebrity of IFA during the ceremony. Changhong is the only winner of this award among Chinese appliance brands.

By report, Changhong’s OTO Intelligent Community Project is based upon and facing internetwork. It break limitation of traditional appliance, construct a smart-home mode under the system of intelligent community in a creative way. This solution integrate resources from online and offline, adopt advanced technology of cloud computing, big data, sensors et cetera, to provide consumers a brand new lifestyle. 

Also, the intelligent solution start from building a community, will integrate multiple service and management into one system which can accomplish convenient, high-efficient, less consumption and comfortable living environment. It’s a strategic step that make smart homes expanding into smart community. It also will be a turning point stand for that Changhong already realize the transformation from smart hardware into smart hardware plus quality offline-service.

Also smart kitchen, smart temperature and light control system, CHIQ full set of home electronics, 105” laser projector and other new products is exhibited in the fair, and draw a widely public attention from industry 's professional, domestic and national media.

In the exhibition area of Smart Kitchen, products make great valuable experience about relaxed meal preparing, gladly share, smart control. Smart Kitchen realize semi-finished foods management, smart meal setting, dynamic menu, show window of menu, atmosphere creating, sociality of menu, smart-wind range hood, smart-heat stove and other functions.

In smart home experience area,

Changhong CHIQ TV which is the first dual-chip movable television in the world, can provide functions including watching anywhere, watch TV @ any category, passionate game, cloud album etc. Consumers can throw away remote and get unconstraint. Smart phone will take a center place and make seamless control to TV. 

CHIQ refrigerator adopt a world’s leading technology whose name is Cloud Image Recognition. The refrigerators can automatic remind EXP, control temperature at any time, check saving anytime. With the functions of Red-yellow-green EXP reminding, saving trump, health-ball, long-distance monitor and control, users can know the performance of the fridge and food management, anywhere or anytime. 

CHIQ air-condition has particular perception of human performance. On one hand, the definition of air-condition development turns from hardware development to software development, CHIQ air-condition bringinteractions between itself and mankind, reduce consumption on the premise that users are comfortable. On the other hand, consumers can define kinds of environment mode instead select simple functions to meet their requirements. 

It’sunprecedentedly easy to charging by only putting devices on Changhong Smart power-table. The wireless power-table can charge many kinds of devices, safely and expediently. The smart power-table will provide high quality charging effect.

The full set of technology and products in exhibition are based upon Changhong intelligent strategy, and they are periodical results of intelligence strategy’s implementation. People from all over the word celebrate with Changhong in the booth, by experiencing Changhong’s newest technology and products, and enjoying the fragrance of Chinese tea, and watching the performance of the art of serving tea, also taking part of cultural activity and obtaining tea set with lottery. Isn’t it extremely delight?